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Kevin Piket

What Else You Should Know About Kevin Piket

My favorite hobby is coaching youth baseball. I was extremely fortunate to coach my oldest son’s baseball career from 6 to 14 years old. I had some of the same kids over multiple years during that time and one player from age 6 to 14. I was his only baseball coach until he went to high school. I am a big baseball fan, I LOVE the Chicago Cubs and I love the game. I would always tell my players there are two things that you can control and that is your attitude and effort. Everything else is controlled by other people at your age.  As a coach, I always had three goals for my players each year; learn something new at every practice/game, improve your skills throughout the season and most importantly have fun! At the beginning of each year, we would sit down as a team and talk about personal and team goals that we would want to achieve that year. We would help develop them into leaders. We focused on them being better teammates and that sportsmanship is the lasting memory you leave with your opponents. I would tell them if they invested in the program, we would invest in them. If they put the work in, the results will show. What I didn’t realize until these players went to high school and beyond, was how much of an impact we made on them. I have had many former players shadow me at work for a day, helped them get internships and been a mentor to them when needed. As much as I love baseball, I love coaching/mentoring/leading people. I look forward to picking this back up again with my two youngest sons in the upcoming years. I learned so much during my previous time as a coach, I look forward to learning from my mistakes and being a better coach this time around! 


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