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Summer is about fun

Having fun is not just a source of entertainment, it’s a reminder of the beauty and magic of being alive.” ~Unknown

What did the quilt say after falling off the bed? Oh Sheet!

It seems to me that a lot of people are not having fun. Telling dumb jokes can be fun.

We are in a time of cultural change and angry disagreement. We are so often busy – I’m very guilty of always being busy! We’re also either on our computers or phones way too much! Or streaming, or watching TV. We’re not being connected to actual people!

I recently read that we’re on our phones for two hours every day! If we’re going to school or working, besides sleeping, working out at the gym, driving, etc. that doesn’t leave a lot of time for having fun. We’re often worrying that we are not happy enough. We need to stop worrying about not having fun, explore what may appeal to you, and schedule fun time on your busy calendar.

We are healthier when we are having fun. When we are having fun we reduce stress, boost our immune system and increase serotonin. There are a lot of upsides to having fun.

In order to explore more ways to have fun, we must get rid of limiting beliefs, stop being a perfectionist, work on becoming more spontaneous, and reduce distractions as much as possible. We also have to become committed to exploring different ways to have fun that appeal to us. Having fun is very individual. It is important to consider options for fun and it does lead to more happiness.

The way to finding fun activities is very individual. You may like doing puzzles, participating in some kind of sport, taking classes in improvisation, going to the zoo, playing parlor games, flying a kite, biking to a new area, swapping family recipes with friends, singing at karaoke night, having a culture day (visiting a museum, listening to classical music on the way there, and watching a classical movie at night) hosting a board game night, etc.*

You can find books about having fun, articles online, and videos. Talk to coworkers, friends, and relatives and see what they do for fun to get some ideas.

I would love it if you sent your ideas and choices you make to have fun. No judgments! If it’s fun for you, it’s fun. If enough of you send me these ideas, I’ll gather them and share them with everyone on my next blog.

*Many of those suggestions were from an article online called, 50 Cheap Ways to Have Fun by Lori Deschene.

Fun fact: Australia’s biggest export is boomerangs. It’s also their biggest import.

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