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Bed Rotting, A Trend

Many of you, by now, may have already heard of the trend of bed rotting. It has over 30 million views on TikTok. When someone feels overwhelmed, overworked or has too many family or work demands, they stay in bed for a day or two to eat, watch movies, scroll through social media, etc.  This is a popular trend of Gen Z.

From what I understand this practice is a way of self-preservation, getting away from too much to do, and escaping. Psychologists are saying that staying in bed may start off as self-care, but suggest adding meditating, gentle yoga, or journaling.  They definitely think setting time limits is a good thing to do and that if this indulgence stretches beyond two days, which seems most popular, bed rotting may be concerning.

I never had a name for doing this, but I did it! When I felt exhausted from doing too many things, going too many places, dealing with too many people, and handling an enormous project, I would feel sorry for myself and I stayed in bed for a day. 

I recall writing many articles for women, awhile back about what was an undeclared, yet seemingly realistic, contest  for who could be the busiest.  It was a stupid competition.  I have no idea why that became a competition or who benefited from it.  Later on, women railed against women overworking and being the “busiest.” Then came the onslaught of articles, speeches, and books warning against this dangerous practice. Maybe each generation goes back and forth about this.  I know men are bed rotting now too.

There are many ways to counter feelings of overwhelm.  Here are a few ways you can de-stress: a fun activity, having a quiet dinner out with a friend, doing a hobby, listening to music, exercising or having a laugh. If you want to de-stress by staying in bed and not being active in some way for more than a day or two, it can lead to depression, sleeping problems or anxiety.

I believe that it is worse now for Gen Z because they don’t have enough time away from their phones and social media. I’m a baby boomer and even I get mesmerized, at times, with reels or shorts. I still watch television, read a book, yes-talk on the phone, and have wonderfully entertaining  with friends. I’m not sure how much that’s happening with Gen Zers.

Bed Rotting – what does its name say about it? Just observing this tendency and wondering how long it will last, who will get hurt, and if I’m a little tired and want to go linger in bed for a while?