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Are you blocking your natural flow?

“It is about the laws of nature in all things we see and do. Adhering to it helps you to get things done more easily and with less resistance. It is like cutting along the grain of wood and swimming along the flow of current…” -Tao

I was talking to someone today and as I explained what I did in my past business coaching, he said something quite wonderful to me. He said, “It’s like you holding up a mirror to your client and showing his or her reflection of the power within.”

It is so easy to get caught up in a state of resistance that comes from fear and a feeling that interprets recent experiences as a failure. As we all realize, fear in most instances isn’t real, it is False Expectations Appearing Real and failure is the greatest teacher. Most successful people thrive on failure because it only makes them better.

When we allow our thoughts to turn negative and we begin to support thoughts of fear and failure, we tighten up, close up and feed our negativity with more and more resistance. We don’t perceive our behavior as resistance; it’s more a giving into light despair and conviction that we cannot achieve what we want to achieve.

You have in you the talent, experience, know-how, knowledge, courage, and the power to move forward and achieve. You really know you do! The more we tighten and close up, the more we feed what I sometimes refer to as our “dark sides,” and the more we drive ourselves further away from what is actually natural for us.

You know the moments where you flowed or even better soared. You know the times when you felt no effort, felt light, open, and so right? I can’t really describe those moments as comfortable, because they actually feel more free, more exciting. Those are the moments when you were your real you, where you adhered to the natural nature of things.

Here are some ways to help you restore that flow:

  1. Surrender – kind of droop, give-in, let whatever is be. Stop the push, the hard drive, the insisting on your outcome.
  2. Breathe in – slowly, deeply, and regularly.
  3. Appreciate – acknowledge all the successes, the love, beauty, and joy that are right now a part of your life.
  4. Think – take time to let your brain wander. Don’t force this; just naturally let thoughts enter without you “trying” to get ideas.
  5. Organize – any small messes right in front of you. Don’t take on any huge projects; just straighten up a little. Make some physical space for yourself to let some good workflow in for you.

Let anything blocking you go and experience the amazing results that will come just from you plus flow.

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